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Following a serious motor vehicle accident, liability car insurance can provide a lifeline. If a negligent driver is responsible for your injuries, their insurance company is obligated to provide compensation for your losses.

While most states, including Louisiana, require drivers to carry liability insurance, many don’t fully understand what it covers. According to a 2010 survey by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, more than half of U.S. drivers are confused about auto insurance.

In basic terms, liability insurance covers losses suffered by other people due to the insured person’s negligent driving (i.e., following too closely, reckless driving, failing to obey traffic laws). It has two parts:

  • Bodily injury - Pays for medical expenses relating to the accident, including rehabilitation, long-term nursing care, funeral expenses, lost earnings, pain and suffering, and related losses, up to the policy limits.  In Louisiana, the Statutory minimum limits is $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident.
  • Property damage - Pays for expenses related to the repair or replacement of damaged property, including vehicles, light posts, houses and personal items, up to the policy limits.

In addition to the policyholder, liability insurance also typically covers licensed drivers given permission to drive the vehicle. Therefore, if a friend or family member was driving the vehicle at the time of the crash, the insurance company must still honor the claim.

Even when the at-fault driver has the appropriate coverage and liability is reasonably clear, insurance companies generally do not pay claims without putting up a fight. For example, they may offer you substantially less than your claim is worth or pressure you to accept a settlement without fully understanding the legal implications.

If you have been injured in an accident, call our office NOW: 888-8000.  You will speak directly to an attorney (Ralph, Richard or Ryan) to learn what you need to do to make the best case against the insurance company.



When you are involved in an auto accident, a workplace injury, or a slip-and-fall ― preparation is essential to a successful case! And that preparation begins with the victim and his or her family.

Once you’ve sought initial medical attention, get as much on-the-scene evidence as possible ― from contact information for witnesses, to cell phone photos from every angle. Get names and badge numbers of responding police officers and request a copy of their report(s). If you’re in a store, get contact information for the manager on duty and his or her supervisor.

Avoid representatives (i.e., the insurance company) from the at-fault party, who may try to pressure you for a quick settlement – DON’T ACCEPT ANYTHING UNTIL YOU SPEAK WITH AN ATTORNEY ABOUT YOUR CASE.  Anything you say to them can come back to haunt you, so just refer them to your lawyer.  Think about it, if the insurance company wants to settle your case quickly, you more than likely have a good case that is worth much more than they are offering.

Keep and maintain a journal of doctor visits, treatments and therapy. Take notes at medical consultations, tracking your overall prognosis and recovery. Keep your health insurer informed ― they’ll want to be on board for any settlement that may reimburse them as well.

Keep a detailed log of all reasonable and necessary expenses relating to the incident, including receipts for vehicle repairs and rentals, medical and travel expenses, and property losses. Don’t overlook charges for personal care aides and home remodeling necessitated by the victim’s condition.

If you have been injured in an accident, call our office NOW: 888-8000.  You will speak directly to an attorney (Ralph, Richard or Ryan) to learn what you need to do to make the best case against the insurance company.


Multi-car pileup: Who is to blame?


Multi-vehicle chain reaction roadway accidents often result in multiple people being seriously injured or killed. This is particularly the case in multi-vehicle accidents that occur on highways and involve large trucks and buses together with smaller cars and motorcycles. When there are several vehicles involved in a traffic accident it is necessary to determine who was at fault and to what degree. This is often easier said than done, so it is important to have an experienced Louisiana personal injury attorney investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident.


Determining who is at fault in multi-vehicle accidents


Louisiana law applies a pure comparative negligence method to determine the liability of each person involved in an accident.  This means that the at-fault drivers are given a percentage of fault for the accident.

When you are hurt in a car accident involving several vehicles, the damages you can recover are dependent upon your percentage of fault and the fault of the other drivers involved in the accident. If you are found to have contributed to causing the accident you can still recover, however your award will be reduced by your percentage of fault.

If you have been injured in a multi-car pileup, call our office NOW: 888-8000.  You will speak directly to an attorney (Ralph, Richard or Ryan) to learn what you need to do to make the best case against the insurance company.

Do Insurance Companies Spy On Louisiana Auto Accident Claimants? The Answer is YES

By: Ryan J. Chenevert on November 5, 2013


Insurance companies do not always deploy investigators to monitor the activities of Louisiana auto accident claimants, but it is a common occurrence.




While you shouldn’t be overly concerned about it if you’re being honest about your injuries and how they are impacting your life; remember that investigators are working for the insurance companies. This means the snapshot they take of your life might not be the most accurate picture of what’s really happening.


What can you do to mitigate the impact of investigators hired by the insurance company to shoot down your claim for damages you need in order to cover medical bills, lost wages, and ongoing pain and suffering after a Louisiana car accident?


Be honest
As long as you are honest about your injuries and how they’re impacting your life, the insurance company can present evidence and a jury will be able to accurately see your side of the story.


Let yourself heal
You don’t need to hide indoors, but you need to do what’s best for your health and for your claim.


Stay off social media
This is hard for a lot of Louisiana car accident victims. Facebook is part of our daily lives. However, what you put on your Facebook page, try as you might to protect it, can easily end up in court.


No matter how much pain you’re in or how hard things are for you, someone is bound to post a picture of you enjoying yourself. Investigators can use that evidence to suggest your pain and suffering is not as great as you claim.


While it’s truly unfair and most people know that they can smile even in the darkest times, Facebook has been the unraveling of many car accident claims.


Get the right lawyer
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